How To Use EGF Serum

How to use EGF serum - Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) serum is one of the most effective formulae to repair the skin and provide deep moisture and hydration. EGF serums offer a rejuvenating glowing skin and repair the skin gently by providing elasticity. While using the EGF serum it is quite necessary to know how to use EGF serum. Using it in the right way or direction helps the skin to get treated correctly.

Egf Serum


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The regular applications of EGF improve the appearance of the skin by making it smoother and radiant. Our skin requires hydration to look refresh and healthy. The serum penetrates the skin perfectly and works on the damaged skin perfectly. It smoothens the skin as well and turns it glowing. Let us know more about EGF serum and how to use EGF serum.

How To Use an EGF Serum effectively?

It is important to know the ways to use a serum, as every serum has it's on the impact on the skin and to look forward that how your skin responds to it is necessary.

Using the skin serum regularly once in the morning and then again in the evening, before applying your moisturizer would beneficial. Here below are the ways that how to use EGF serum: 
  • It is easy for the serum to penetrate the skin when it's clean and slightly moist, so before applying the EFG serum make sure to cleanse the skin.

  • To open up the pores apply luck-warm towel to moist the skin so that the pores get open easily.

  • Take a few drops of the EGF serum on your fingertips and apply on the skin by gently blending it into the pores.

  • Do not stretch or rub your skin harshly or forcefully, keep it gentle and soft.

  • Do massage just a few minutes to ensure that the serum has absorbed into the skin. Use the tips of your fingers lightly on both sides and gently let it get absorbed. As you will tap on the skin lightly the serum will go inside the deeper layers of the skin or easily penetrates the skin.

  • If you feel tingling sensation then it can be a sign the active ingredients in the serum are getting to the dermis – where they need to be if they are going to work.

  • Once the serum completely gets absorbed you can now apply your other makeup products.

Benefits of EGF Serum

EGF serum has wonderful benefits on the skin, as this serum maintains the elasticity o the skin by keeping it radiant and smooth with complete moisture. Here below are some more benefits of EGF serums:
  • Anti-aging formula - EGF serum contains the anti-aging qualities that help to maintain youthful skin. The application of EGF serums works effectively on fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, etc and leaves you with radiant glowing skin.
  • Reconstructs the skin cells - The EGF serums treat the damaged skin and constructs the skin cells to speed healing and protect against radicals. It also activates the new skin cells which ultimately provides rejuvenated skin.
  • Hydrates the skin - The EGF serum reduces fine lines, minimizes wrinkles and brightens texture, by providing the hydration and moisture to the skin also turns it smooth and supple.
  • Radiant glow - Definitely this is one of the amazing perks you would enjoy while using the EGF serum as it provides immense glow to the skin and lightens the blemishes and dark circles.


The entire information is all about what is EGF serum and how to use EGF serum, after going through this article you will come to know the correct usage of the EGF serum as it is important to apply the serum in right manner and directions. Moreover, there are many major benefits of using EGF serum that will definitely turn your skin rejuvenating. Its immense formula works on the skin gently and provides you a beautifully healthy and radiant skin.