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Question & Answer with a Naked Actives Client

Question & Answer with a Naked Actives Client


I have a question about how to use this new product with the other naked active products. Is it OK to use the EGF serum as well as the niacin and vitamin C? What would you suggest?


Client (name removed for privacy),

Please note you are best to consult a professional but here goes ‘my two cents’.

There is no hard rule that serums must be followed with a moisturizing cream, multiple serums can be used with or without a moisturizer/cream. Just be sure that the active ingredients of the products that you're layering do not have any sort of contraindication with each other. i.e. they cancel each other out if used at the same time.

Niacin can be known to counter the effects of Vitamin C. Also, with EGF serum has a form of retinol in it which accelerates skin healing. Be mindful to use the EGF for repair of wrinkles or scares. One might suggest using Vitamin C in the evening as it helps with Pigmentation. This process allows you to have more open pores and makes your skin more sensitive to the Sun (something you don’t really want). So, it may be better to use Niacin in the morning and EGF/Vit C in the evening and the cream layer on top. The key to a successful skincare routine is cleaning. So be sure to use a gentle cleaner and try to exfoliate 3 days times a week!

You can research contraindication online between ingredients, but it can be overwhelming. We have just completed an online course for understanding skin types and the treatment of those skin types. I will send it over. It has really helped us considerably to improve our knowledge and awareness around skin care and health!

Also one tip we will be sharing it so apply Hyaluronic to a moist face or pamper some water on to the face sot he Hyaluronic Acid as it absorbs 1000 times it’s weight of water. So when applying, you want to be sure you add water to the face at the same time or the HA will absorb the water on the skin!

Hope we have helped a little!




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