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Benefits of squalane oil are for all skin types. It moisturizes clams and protects balances oil production and improves elasticity

The Benefits of Squalane Oil are For All Skin Types

Hi Everyone, Liz here (+1 662 830 8246, Have you wondered what are the Ben...
Protect yourself from the Sun

Most Common Skin Condition Caused by the Sun

With the heat and associated UV rays of summer please take the time to practice sun safety as you do not want to get Solar Keratosis! This blog will educate you on this very common skin condition and tell you how to prevent it all together.
Summer skin care UVA UBV protection for healthy skin

Alchemy of Summer Skin Care and UV rays

We must not forget that the sun's UV rays, which touch our skin, do not bring only pleasant emotions. Experts recommend to wear sun-protective clothing, wide-brim hats, and sunglasses in the sun. 

In the summer we should focus mainly on the prevention of dehydration, through moisturizing products and cosmetics that support the barrier function of the skin. Combine the active ingredients of Naked Actives products to keep your skin hydrated and healthy under the sun.

Menopause skin care

Menopause Skincare

Menopause is a very personal experience for every woman, deeply connected to your genes and family heritage. And yet there are a number of external factors that have an additional effect on our overall wellbeing. These external factors can be managed thanks to good skincare and leading a balanced lifestyle.
Acne, fine lines, Wrinkles, Dry skin, Inflammation, Bags, Naked Actives

How Stress Affects Your Skin

To say we are living in stressful times would be a understatement. It is important to check in on our friends and family and to make sure we are taking care of our mental health. Stress directly affects our skin which in turn influences our mental health. Read on to find out how stress affects your skin and how you can combat it!
How Drinking Alcohol Impacts your Skin

How Drinking Alcohol Impacts your Skin

In pursuit of perfect skin, we use creams and serums, book elaborate facials, wear sunscreen, and chug water religiously, yet there’s a simple suggestion that is often overlooked: giving up (or significantly cutting back on) alcohol—which we’ve long known is no health elixir, but has a perhaps unexpected impact on our complexions in particular. So, what exactly are the effects of alcohol on skin and what can you do about it? 
Nap, sleep repairs your skin, beauty rest,

What is Beauty Sleep?

Beauty sleep is not just folk lore, it is the real deal and science can back it up! A good night's sleep has many benefits for our well being, physical, and mental health. This post will outline the importance of sleep and give you suggestions to be sure you get your full dose of beauty sleep!
Beards, Testosterone, Thicker Skin, How to take care of Men's skin

Men’s Skincare Facts and Tips

Today we are talking Men's skin. We will be looking at how it's different than Women's skin, what are some methods for taking care of your skin, skincare routines, and cost and other considerations.
How To Delay Aging Signs Naturally

How To Delay Aging Signs Naturally

Hi Everyone, Liz here (+1 662 830 8246,  Human skin ages as we grow old. H...
Best Squalane Oils of 2021

Best Squalane Oils of 2021

Best Squalane Oils of 2021 Hi everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246, What a...
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No Filter

No Filter- Best Way On How to Improve your Skin on High Res Screens. Read About Liz Kirschner experience with being on screen, camera and on Zoom calls. She has some best tips on how to look your best! Check out her Blog here

Press Release: Naked Actives is on TV in Canada

Press Release: Naked Actives is on TV in Canada

Giving Back is an important part of our personal philosophies and we have carried this into our Corporate culture! We have been looking for a non-profit that matches our ethics and morals, and Community Crew is that one!
Naked Actives Canada Gives Back to Feed Children

Naked Actives Canada Gives Back to Feed Children

Naked Actives Canada Gives Back to Feed Children

For immediate release:

April 12, 2021

Naked Actives Canada is pleased to announce their partnership with Community Crew Community Crew is a children’s charity based out of the Niagara Region......