Tina Russell Joins Naked Actives

Naked Actives welcomes Tina Russell who has helped Naked Actives for the past five years to develop our serums and creams. 

Her articles will be to help all those at home dealing with COVD 19, Coronovius,  by writing and publishing articles for those at home that wish to understand how to use our serums and those interested in trying our new products. 

She will also be releasing new articles on which anti aging eye cream brands to pick, how to use facial cleansers, how to use anti aging eye cream, looking for the top 10 Benefits of facial cleansers and the top benefits of eye creams. 

Tina will also explaining how to use our new products that are available on our website and soon be available on our amazon store front. These products are our Anti Aging Eye Cream product, Brighten and Protect product that includes several active ingredients to help decrease the appearance of pigmentation, and antioxidants to help fight Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS*) and other free radicals and lastly our Hydrating Cleanser that gently cleans your skin without stripping the natural oils away. It is perfect for dry sensitive skin, but can be used for all skin types. The moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin soft and smooth, and are clinically proven to hydrate skin.

Have a nice weekend and Tina will be releasing articles every week. 

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