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Watch Dr. Berg's video where he talks about the benefits of Vitamin B3 on skin & body health

By Tina Russell

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246),

Dr Berg is becoming a a major mentor of mine with both my diet and my skin and well...pretty much everything I do these days. His video's are so helpful! 

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the benefits of Vitamin B3 as an essential nutrient for skin health. In it, he talks about how B3 can help with issues around Pellagra and Dermatitis. Vitamin B3 helps reduce dry, brittle, red and scaly skin!  It helps with scaly skin and cracking skin! 

Vitamin B3 can also help with: • Brown spots • Skin disease • Anti-aging • Decreased acne. 

Those with pellagra often consume too much corn, flour, rice, and alcohol.

Be sure to watch his comments around diet and how Vitamin B3 can help you.

Also try out our advanced Vitamin B3 Serum which also helps  

Watch his helpful video here. 





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