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Anti-aging- Causes & Treatments and Prevention Strategies

Formule De Soin, a Non-profit initiative is being supported by Naked Actives. Naked Actives welcomes you to take this course and all proceeds made go towards the Formule De Soin Academy, which shall build and distribute more content to stop the misinformation that exists in the world of Skincare. 

This is a condensed college level course, offered by Ella Motley will be here your skincare confidant.

When choosing this course, you will learn about skin types and allow Ella to take you on a knowledgeable journey towards understanding your skin. This will be a two-part course series broken up into multiple sections covering skin types and how to recognize them, as well as skin conditions and some suggested treatments for them.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction
  2. Anti-aging- Causes and Treatments & Prevention Strategies
    1. Inflammation is aging you 
    2. What is a Circadian Clock
    3. Is Sugar Good for You
    4. Beyond Wrinkles: Nurturing your skin from the Inside Out
  3. Part 2: Tips and Tricks 
    1. Course Booklet and accompanying resources

Ella Mottley

My name is Ella Mottley, I have been an aesthetician for 21 years. I have worked doing many things within the beauty industry and am continuously learning and growing within it. My education also consists of Aesthetics, Massage Therapy, Bio Medical Science, International Business, International Commerce and Global Development and many certifications surrounding the Beauty industry.

I have worked for professional clinics and spas, had my own spa/clinic, worked in professional product sales and education as well as a college professor teaching Nurses and new Aestheticians Medical Aesthetics. I absolutely love what I do. It is very fulfilling to share all my knowledge and experience with the new generation of beauty therapists.

With all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years; my passion is to share it all with the world. It is extremely easy to access lots of misinformation regarding this industry which can have negative effects on the psychological and physical wellbeing of those who observe it.  My goal is to give credible information and train others to do the same so that people can make educated decisions regarding their overall health and wellbeing.

I had acne as a teenager and was always an athlete, so this industry was a perfect fit for me. I feel like I am playing around with a hobby everyday rather than doing work. The lives I have touched, mentored, and educated have been so fulfilling but I am eager to reach more and more people to increase self-confidence and personal love. I personally have learned and grown tremendously through every interaction I have had and I am open to more and more.

Check out for Ella's 2 books that are below or get them for free when you purchase the course:

Confessions of an Esthetician: Understanding Skin Types and How to Treat Them!

Confessions of an Esthetician: Beyond Wrinkles: Nurturing your skin from the Inside Out