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5 Beauty hacks to Make yourself Look Great on TikTok

5 Beauty hacks to Make yourself Look Great on TikTok

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246,

Here is our latest blog by Cynthia Chapman. She has given us her knowledge and research around 5 of her beauty hacks on How to make yourself look Great on TicTok. 

5 Beauty hacks to Make yourself Look Great on TikTok

Here I will mention the 'Halo Effect'. The 'Halo Effect' is a well noted psychological phenomenon about the influence your appearance has on how you are viewed and treated by others. This can mean how you are treated within the working field, how your accomplishments are received and can even make or break someone's first impression of you. Nowadays in the era of social media how you present is literally everything. Here's how to navigate your own 'halo' and appear your best on one of today's most popular social media amongst every demographic.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

This one should be easy as all of us either intentionally or inadvertently consume water on a regular basis for example fruits that are so delicious we forget they're not candy such as watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe contain large sums of our much needed h20 but we often don't consume enough to see the benefits for our own eyes, spoken by the luminous appearance and the tactile plumpness of the skin that could easily act as our own filter.

Also when you get tired, drink a glass of water. A good portion of fatigue comes from dehydration, especially during those hot summer months! 

Look flushed

You know those rosy red cheeks that often accompany embarrassment are often seen as cute and endearing. On TikTok users often strive to have an animated personality that extends itself to the Tiktokers appearance. No one wants to watch someone look completely disinterested in their own lives, often curating a quick swipe to the next TikTok because if you're not interested in what you have to say or are showing then why should I be? How I look flushed without actually being embarrassed is by applying stick blush on the cheek bones then using a luminous or dewy setting spray evenly distributed on the face however for the camera to capture it be sure to apply more than you would need to if you were wanting to appear flushed in-person as cameras often under exaggerate makeup.

Don't Fake Freckles

So many filters today automatically apply fake freckles and we love those filters because they simultaneously hide blemishes so why not apply fake freckles at home before TikTok does it for you but with a less than natural result due to those freckles being fitted for the masses, not one's individual complexion or shape face. TikTok creators often aim for a cute appearance and what else has been associated with cuteness over generations other than freckles that are on the bridge of the nose, fanning across the cheeks in a shape resemblant to a butterfly? For a very temporary adjustment in appearance if you wanted to make one TikTok or are just experimenting with your look I would recommend using a medium brown eyeliner or brow pencil and simply stippling those ethereal dots starting on the bridge of the nose, extending that stippling to both of the upper cheeks. If you are interested in obtaining a new semi-permanent look and don't fear a 2 week commitment I would recommend purchasing a Henna tattooing kit, dotting those freckles on after the kit is assembled liberally over the same location but one extra step I would take is to apply a thin layer of luminous foundation on afterwards to make the freckles look more natural and a part of your complexion.


Even in our non TikTok lives we all could use some exfoliation inclusion inside of your skincare routine. Exfoliation is done by using either a product or surface (such as a face cloth) that acts as an abrasive, that abrasion when utilized improves blood circulation as dead skin cells find themselves at the bottom of your sink with your skin replacing the old cells with fresh ones instead resulting in a glowing complexion and creating a smoother surface for makeup application.


You may be scratching your head at this being listed as an example of a beauty hack but the reason this is a beauty hack is because of how we are likely already or are able to indulge in this hack as we go about our day. You may have heard of the classic phrase: "You are what you eat" while I don't believe this phrase in the sense of your consumption defining your morale but I do believe that what you eat affects your appearance and so many of us view our appearances as a form of self-expression. So, for those who are at least curious about the foods that have the potential to steer you away from whichever skin concerns you have in mind, the most common one being acne. For acne, trial cutting back your dairy intake and see if your acne improves either in regard to severity or frequency of an outbreak, some find overly sugary foods can result in some gnarly zits so perhaps skipping on that daily can of soda and exchanging it for sparkling water might sound simple but could do the trick while not missing that fizz we all love.








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