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The Skincare Collective- Is Shea Butter the secret to beautiful skin?

The Skincare Collective- Is Shea Butter the secret to beautiful skin?

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246, Here is our latest blog, and Cha...
The Skincare Collective- Chapter 1

The Skincare Collective- Chapter 1

This book was born from the idea of how to help women (and men) have honest and open conversations around the way we view our skin and our skincare routines. Working as a small team, we spent time going out and interviewing everyone who was open to talking about their skin. For some, it was painful to share their experiences and for others it was a gift to hear their insights and expert opinions.

We encourage you to read the stories and conversations that have taken place in this book. Skin issues should never be a taboo subject and we should never have to feel ashamed about the way our skin looks. If we buy into the hype of only finding the best, most expensive product before our skin looks good then we sell ourselves short. We fall prey to the marketing hype of the beauty industry.

The more conversations we have the more we realize that it's a combination of many different items in the self care movement that help to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Many of our friends found relief in the natural movement, others in diet and exercise, others in staying out of the sun. It’s a unique mix based on conversations with friends that shows us there is not a one size fits all approach to skin care. We should never believe the companies that tell us otherwise. 1oz of prevention is worth more than 1 pound of treatment!

But for now friends, grab a tea, sit back and indulge yourself in The Skincare Collective, Book 1. All interviews have been edited for length and clarity. Some names may have been altered at the request of the person being interviewed. Not all materials here have been transcribed from interviews and have been edited for readers pleasure. Should you find any further questions, find typo’s please email us below.

Formule De Soin is a group of people and focused on building a brand around the self education of skincare health. The mission is to provide objective and honest information about skincare that doesn’t fall prey to advertisers and big cosmetic firms who often mispresent what they write or sell.

To have your story potentially featured in one of our next Skincare Collectives, please email our team at

Much Love,

Terrain Publishing, in partnership with the Formule De Soin Team

How To Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags And Warts

How To Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags And Warts

Learn how to quickly remove your skin tag or wart with this simple effective solution. Also including a video from Dr. Berg and suggested longer term solutions. A big thank you to Dr. Berg for all his educational knowwledge he has shared. We hope you check out his youtube channel as he offers many remarkable tools for improving your health!
10 steps to aging in Reverse

10 steps to aging in Reverse

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246, Here is our latest blog by Cynthi...
How Skincare works & 6 Secrets to looking Younger

How Skincare works & 6 Secrets to looking Younger

Follow along with my note taking to hack this youtube course from Dr Berg on How Skincare Works & 6 Secrets to look Younger. Here You will save time by sifting through my summary! This blog is a summary of the video and all the key points on how to use nutrition to improve your skincare and aging! You won't believe what he suggests at the end on what you can do to fix your aging!
Why is pH important for your skin type

What is pH and why does it matter to your Skincare?

It is best to choose products that are pH balanced or products formulated with a pH that falls in the same range as the skin’s natural barrier.  Avoid consistently disrupting the pH levels in the skin, allowing the skin to naturally regulate itself so as to prevent breakouts, irritation and inflammation.
Top skincare tips for autumn skin routine

Top Skincare tips for the Autumn

The time during which one season changes with another always requires some changes in our daily skin care routine. This is because we need to help our skin adapt successfully to the new environmental conditions without losing its look.

Autumn is a transitional period during which our skin, accustomed to the summer heat, begins to recover, adapting to other conditions such as cold wind, lack of sun, more serious daily temperature differences and other environmental factors, so that at a later stage to successfully adapt and cope with the coming winter cold weather.

Renew Health Anti-Aging Night Cream with peptides and Retinol for deep regeneration and renew of skin

Top Benefits of Anti-Aging Night Creams

Do you know what the benefits of night cream are and why you should use one? This special type of moisturizer is typically applied at night before bedtime. High-quality night creams are packed with nourishing ingredients that help keep your skin healthy and nourished.  Many women use the same moisturizer throughout the day and night, so the question is do we really need two different products? Whether you choose to apply a night cream is an individual choice, but the most important thing is that your skin is in a sleep mode which increases its regeneration and it needs the right active ingredients that are especially beneficial for that  process.
Can Detox benefit your skin? Detox can help your skin look and feel better

Can a Body Detox Improve Your Skin?

Purification of the body and soul with detox regiments is a necessity in our modern lives if we want to have a healthy skin and body.  Read further on how you can do detox to effectively rid  your body of harmful substances and what role skin care has in this process.
Anti Aging Serum

Best Anti Aging Serum Brands 2023

Best Anti Aging Serum Brands 2023 - Anti-aging serums provide the best results when it comes to r...