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Our Story

Who is Behind Naked Actives?

You can learn a bit about our timeline history here but people are always asking us "who is behind" Naked Actives? Who are you? Can I call you? We have been answering questions one on one but we decided to open up about who we are and why we are doing it now! 

Naked Actives was started in 2016 in New Zealand by a man named Angus. Angus sold Naked Actives products across the United States. We can't say too much more about Angus due to legal confidentiality, but Angus launched the business and set up the first production line of the first product with our manufacturer who is based in Arizona. Our products are made in Arizona and our ingredients come from the best sources from around the world from what we believe are top producers of sustainable and ethical sources. Our suppliers have many clients and produce skincare serums for on a daily basis. Some of whom you'd know their name if we were allowed to tell you! 

Not long after Angus set up the Company, Marcus Fuchs purchased the business from Angus and further developed the business into a nationwideMarcus Fuchs Bio Picture brand and business. Naked Actives sells around the world with some of our EGF serum being shipped to Abu Dhabi, Dubai as well as some remote islands in the pacific! We are bedazzled that some people will spend 3 figures on shipping for this rather unique bespoke product! At the time a colleague of his Michael had sourced the business and had suggested it be a good purchase.  

Marcus fell in love with Naked Actives as he loved the precise focus of the business and wanted to develop active ingredients that were more effective than a store-bought cream. Essentially, he wanted results that one did not find it in most store bought creams. Further research showed that simple active ingredients were far more effective than watered down fat/oil induced creams. Once Marcus realized this, he chose to make it his passion to develop an online store to help people find effective yet affordable skincare.


Our bestselling product is our Vitamin C MAP. It is also the first product that we developed! Although our other products all sell well, our Vitamin C is a very effective product. We have had Estheticians, Dermatologists and folks making their own creams continuously tell us that they use our serums when they make their own products. We feel humbled and happy to hear that not only are people applying our products to their skin, but are using it to make other products. It is something that we never thought would happen. 

Our newest product, written about here, is about how our Lip Serum was developed. 

Meet the Team

Our team consists of Sarah, Reena, Ivan and Devin. We meet weekly and talk about our customers and how to improve our products, our services & customer experience as well as how to better market our products. 


Sarah joins our team all the way from Canada and from a very young age, she knew she wanted to help others. She spent much of her teenage years working in the modelling world travelling throughout Europe and Egypt. She understands how much your skincare routine, complexion and overall health can affect your confidence and self esteem. Sarah Pritula

Sarah is also a Director at Community Crew, an organization that feeds children lunches during the school year. For over a decade she has been leading teams with her extensive experience providing strategic support and leadership in fundraising and not-for-profit sector management roles.

Outside of the office, she is very active in her community sitting on the WIN (Women in Niagara) Council and working as a WIN/WIN Facilitator helping women in business. She is a proud member of Toastmasters, Garden City and has competed in the International Speech Competition taking home multiple awards.

She is the Co-Founder of Indie Investments, an organization that provides support and resources to female entrepreneurs. She loves working with the Naked Actives team to produce quality skincare without the high price tag.

She loves spending time with her two boys and her rescue dog, Indie. When she is not working, you can find her in dance class, travelling or spending the day on the water.


I’m Reena, a mother of two young girls, and am based in London, UK. My background is in Merchandising & Marketing and I have lived in Tokyo & New York previously.  All three cities have extreme weather conditions which have Reena Tosar caused sensitivity in my skin.  It’s been quite a journey to find what suits my skin best and continues to be. I truly believe that one size does not fit all, and skin needs very individual attention.   I joined Naked Actives so I can help direct others in a similar situation.  Why Naked Actives?  It’s the one brand that delivers it’s promise, affordable luxury skincare. 

I also manage a portfolio of residential and commercial properties and have a keen interest in architecture and interiors.  In my spare time you’ll find me happy with a paintbrush and canvas.  Its all about the best base for the perfect picture!


Hello, my name is Devin, but my friends call me Devo. I currently live in Prague Czech Republic, but I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada where I played hockey, soccer, football, and everything in between. To say I was hard onDevin Sebok my skin would be an understatement, lack of sunscreen, constantly playing sports, no skin care routine, and using a bar of soap in the hot shower to clean my face. Even with all this the thing I was most self conscious about was my moles on my skin. It wasn’t until doing some preliminary research that I understood the importance of monitoring them and the use of sun care. Since then, I am no longer self conscious about them, which is such a great feeling, the same feeling I want to help others achieve! That’s why I am part of Naked Actives, I want to educate others to help them love their skin and themselves and get results.


Through my teenage years I grew up in Ontario, Canada, but  about 20 years ago I decided to move to Bulgaria because this was my home country. I have been working in the field of finance for more than 15 years while also being a husband and a father of 2 wonderful children. My daughter Darina is a teenagerIvan Tzolev with her own skin issues and  a son Alexander who is 4. In my hectic and busy daily life I had increasingly forgot to pay attention to myself, my health and skin. As a result of the constant stress and lack of attention, my skin became flabby dry and tired looking. It has also been often prone to acne ever since my teenage years and it has been hard to find the right formula to keep it in check.

The reason I have joined the team is to help create a community of skincare enthusiasts that will help other people like me who have had or are having skin issues, living in modern conditions, and subjected to constant stress and polluted environment to look beautiful, feel confident and healthy by having a healthy and radiant skin with shared resources, experience, and knowledge.

Our Latest Project

More recently we have chosen to develop a self-education resource, which entails the publication of content that will mostly be free to anyone who chooses to read our blog. Doing our '10,000' hours each we all feel we will be able to share what we believe is the best 'free' knowledge out there for our clients. Our hope is that our fair and open approach shall help our readers become loyal to our brand and we hope they will appreciate the work we do. By seeing our efforts in our content, it will only be obvious how we also focus on the quality of our products as well. We do not compromise on quality. Our products are affordable because they have simple active ingredients and don't use smoke and mirrors marketing gimmicks by adding useless creams, fats, water, or oils to sell more of nothing! When you buy a serum from us, you have something that activates your skin and works immediately! 

Our publications have expanded further, and we've set up a sister company called Terrain Publishing and are hopeful our self-education approach could also enter other subjects. 

We have our virtual writers such as Tina Russell and Liz Kirschner. Past recognition for Lisa Khan and Samantha who also contributed content to the business. 

Going Foward

Although Marcus is a driving force behind Naked Actives, we have become a family business with Sarah, Reena, Ivan and Devin and their sweat and tears they have put into serving our customers as best we can.

Our vision is to have enjoy our work, have fun and engage with our friends, family, and our customers to find out what it is they really want or need. Our goal is to take this information to develop and produce simple active serums that help you find solutions you need. Questions we are always asking are: Is it healthy skin? Is it fewer wrinkles? Is it less acne? Is it a vegan product? Is it a skincare product that works? A skincare product with active ingredients? Affordable skincare products that provide value and don't feel like a waste of money? 

Furthermore, we are leading efforts to publish a book that is called the Skincare Collective, which will focus on a series of books and blogs about our interviews with people from all ages and backgrounds about their common solutions or issues about their skincare.

We are looking for partners to expand our business. We are keen to find a EU partner. We are engaging with folks in Sweden and Bulgaria and are hopeful to develop a footprint in the EU. 

Over time we hope Naked Actives will help people reduce skin damage and look better. We know we can't stop entropy but we might as well look good aging! 

Please drop us a line. We are always keen to read or hear about customer experiences. No matter good or bad. We are often inclined to send a thank you gift of our latest product or something we are keen to give away!