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Tips for Treating Sun or Dark Spots on your Skin

Tips for Treating Sun or Dark Spots on your Skin

Treating Sun or Dark Spots on your Skin

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246,

As you know, I love watching Dr. Berg and he has helped me so much with my waistline with his healthy keto diet knowledge and I find it just amazing how much our diet is linked to our skin and skin health. I had to share these videos with you about Sun and Dark spots on your skin. As you know, I use our Vitamin C MAP product daily to treat my hyperpigmentation and sun spots. The products gentle vegan serum absorbs quickly into the skin to fade dark spots, smooth skin texture, and reduce redness. It does take time to reverse years of skin damage but it does help my skin! 

Dr Berg suggests you can do even more with mixing in your own extract of Licorice into a Topical Cream to help fight against inflammation and oxidants and he is correct. However, be very careful mixing your own 'cocktails' and adding it to your skin. You should consult a dermatologist on the right cream to extract ratio. Our manufacturer spends a lot of time and resources developing our formulas and testing them to ensure they do not react negatively with all skin types. If you want to buy an extract, please buy it here. However, be very careful mixing extracts and mixing any of these ingredients together without proper supervision of either a dermatologist or a professional! 

Check out our blog on the subject of Top 5 Ingredients to look for in a Serum and learn more about which ingredients you should apply to you skin. However, if you are like me, and tired or clicking on links, I've listed them here! 

 Here is the first video where Dr. Berg talks about Sun Spots 

Here is the Second Video on the importance of a healthy keto diet on your skin and ways to reduce/prevent brown or dark spots by focusing on your insulin. Be sure to watch out for the refined sugars, carbohydrates, hidden sugars (starch, alcohol, lactose, fructose) and also do not forget the importance of both minerals and vitamins in your diet. Dr. Berg talks about healthy diet with cruciferous vegetables, good protein and health fats! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 








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