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Naked Actives Supports Community Crew

Naked Actives Supports Community Crew

Naked Actives Teams up with Community Crew


Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246,

With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas around the corner and one hell of a year almost behind us, Naked Actives has teamed up with Community Crewits first corporate sponsorship charityWhen you sign up, you will help provide a minimum of 72 lunches to Children impacted by food insecurity. You can also donate lump sum amounts in any amount should you prefer that and if you are residing in Canada, you can also get a tax deduction!   

We are happy support our first subscription with the launch of our new Naked Actives store front in Canada,, and we will further expand our donations as new sales and products come online! 

Please consider supporting this wonderful cause. The crew behind this organization have inspired us all here at Naked Actives and please consider this as a new addition to your Charity! 

And lastly, for all gift certificates bought at our Canadian store, we will donate 15% of the gross value of all our proceeds to Community Crew. 

Buy your gift certificates here  




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